Products & Services

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always fit.

Our flexible approach to lending helps us meet the different needs of your farming business. Whether it’s short, intermediate- or long-term, we provide financial support for:

  1. Land & farm acquisition
  2. New infrastructure & farm improvements
  3. Getting or repairing machinery & equipment
  1. Buying & caring for livestock
  2. Production & crop needs

For buying and caring for your animals.

Livestock supports billions of lives around the world. Our loan makes it easier for you to be part of the greatest enterprise on earth. Buy or replace livestock. Refinance livestock debt or get what’s needed to care, feed and raise them healthy. We tailor this loan to your needs, short- or long-term.

For the tools you need, on and off the farm.

Machinery and equipment make your farm more efficient. Sometimes tools need updating, repairs or replacement. We finance any brand of equipment, new or used, depending on its useful life.

We also provide new and used vehicle loans to agricultural owners and operators. Whether it’s for family or farm use, you can request this loan to buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

For the day-to-day expenses of running a farm.

A farm operating loan can help you manage purchases more efficiently. Borrow funds to take care of daily production costs. Buy fertilizer and seeds. Cover labor costs. Free your cash flow.

Sometimes, what you need is an open line of credit. Borrow and repay as often as necessary. Don’t exceed your credit limit. It’s that simple.

To make it even easier for you, we can schedule your payments to be monthly, quarterly, or annually. This way, you can align the payment due date with your agricultural income cycle.

For your agri-command center needs.

Designed to meet your individual needs. We have your musts covered with competitive rates and several term options. This is the loan you were looking for to:

  • Buy rural land
  • Purchase a farm
  • Refinance your current loan
  • Build a dairy parlor, packing house or warehouse
  • Make farm improvements

For a place to call home.

You work hard all day. When work is over, you deserve a nice place to enjoy your rural surroundings. After all, there’s no place like home. We have interest-only payments, fixed and variable rates, low closing costs, free pre-qualifications and other perks. If your needs are listed below, talk to us and we’ll help you with the rest:

  • Buy a rural home
  • Build a rural home
  • Refinance your current home
  • Remodel or repair your current home
  • Buy a vacant lot for your home