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Farm Credit System

We´re on a mission! Supporting agriculture and rural communities.

On this mission, we are not alone. Puerto Rico Farm Credit is part of a strong network of 77 farm lenders across the nation.

Our strength comes from a unique model based on a cooperative structure.


  1. Farm credit borrowers (that would be you) become co-owners of Puerto Rico Farm Credit when they take out a loan.
  2. As co-owners, you can vote and elect who represents your interests in our board of directors.
  3. As a farm credit institution, we don’t accept deposits or government funding. Instead, we issue bonds in the money markets. Then, we use the money from the bonds sales to make loans to farmers.
  4. As loans get repaid, we provide a return to investors. After taking what it needs to keep our operation running, we return the rest (dividends) to our customer-owners.
  5. This model makes farm credit institutions a reliable source of continuous funding. It has allowed us to remain strong through good and bad times, 101 years and counting.